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Organizing your photos can be a tedious task, especially if you have a lot of material to work with. With the help of Ambler Photo Organizer, you can significantly ease your work. The program helps you quickly sort and organize your photos in just a couple of seconds.
Reliable photo organizer
The application provides you with a quick and efficient way of organizing your photos, by processing the folder that contains them. You can set the application to sort your photos by grouping them with similar ones, then arrange them from the oldest to the newest or vice versa.
Furthermore, you can optimize post-processing by setting the application to create folders for each group of similar photos, sorted by their age. This way, you are able to sort your old pictures from the new ones, even if they have similar names, sizes or content.
Quick picture sorter and metadata retriever
Ambler Photo Organizer allows you to instantly sort your pictures based on their creation date, since this can be one of the most determining factor when it comes to photo collections. Because some photos might be newer than others, but have similar content, such as a photo of your house, sorting images based on their creation date ensures the quickest and most efficient way of organization.
In addition, you are able to retrieve the EXIF information of a photo, known as metadata. These datasets contain information about the device that took the picture, GPS location, size and other similar entries.
A handy, yet improvable image manager
To conclude, Ambler Photo Organizer is ideal for quickly searching and sorting photos based on their creation date, although implementing other search criteria might significantly increase its usability, since others might prefer alphabetical or size sorting, for instance.









Ambler Photo Organizer

Shareware Ambler Photo Organizer Cracked Accounts is a free program that was developed by Ambler Ltd. – a company that focuses on developing useful, easy-to-use photo organizers. A smart and robust program, Ambler Photo Organizer can help you sort and organize your photos based on their creation date, device, size or any other metadata.

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How to Install IrfanView Photo Viewer –

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Save the file to any desired location on your computer.

Run the newly downloaded IrfanView photo viewer, and follow the onscreen instructions.

IrfanView Photo Viewer Latest Version Information:

IrfanView photo viewer is available for free at

IrfanView Photo Viewer Description:

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Ambler Photo Organizer Crack+ Patch With Serial Key

Reliable photo organizer
Sorting photos based on their creation date, creating folders for each group of similar photos sorted by their creation date, optimizing post-processing by setting the application to create folders for each group of similar photos sorted by their age, maintaining EXIF data, a handy, yet improvable image manager.
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Ambler Photo Organizer latest version:

Posted on May 16, 2018

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User reviews of Ambler Photo Organizer

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Keep coming


Keep coming, keep improving! If you feel like you are struggling with organizing or sorting your photos and you are open to improvement, then this is for you! It is a very intuitive interface and it is very well thought out. I would give it a 5 stars but I have experienced multiple bugs with this app in the past and I find the interface can be a little flaky at times.

Most recent reviews from the community

Ambler Photo Organizer Review

…Routine image editing

Ease of use |
Functionality |
Value for money


I want to say thank you for this tool. It has become a routine for me to spend 3-4 hours a week organizing my photos. I use this program on my desktop and on my mobile phone. It is the most reliable and beautiful photo organizing app in my opinion.

Ambler Photo Organizer Review

Best Organizer ever!!

Ease of use |
Functionality |
Value for money


It’s so easy to use, and it’s so fast. I just like it that much. It automatically detects the photos in my folders, and then it organizes them quickly. It’s exactly what I need. I’m a photographer and I have a lot of folders with pictures. I never expected it to be this easy and efficient. Thank you.


Ambler Photo Organizer Publisher’s description

Ambler Photo Organizer is a quick and efficient way of organizing and sorting your photos, based on the date of their creation, to your other media files, or by placing them in specific folders.

With Ambler Photo Organizer, you can create new folders, rename them, and sort pictures in each one. You can also search for photos based on the

Ambler Photo Organizer Crack [2022-Latest]

Quickly and efficiently organize your photos in just a couple of seconds!
Sorting photos by creation date or by group to quickly and easily organize similar photos
Export and order the process, so your photos are arranged chronologically
Manage all of your photos for free and for a lifetime
There are no harmful ads and no storage limits
Remove/Add/Delete multiple photos at once from/to any subfolder
Each photo is accompanied by EXIF metadata

Description: HDVideo Sorter is a video organizer (perfect for TV series); it will help you find, sort and manage your videos and other media files.

Additional resources and tools:

Open the finished project to check out its sample content and the final result of the application.

Request a demo of the program to see exactly how it works.

If you are familiar with video editing software, you’ll be able to use HDVideo Sorter immediately after installing it.

Some of the features and improvements that will be added in the next version of the program are:

Multiple source folders for any combination of folders, videos or music
Multiple disk drives
Multiple video containers
The ability to create a “Favorites” category to quickly access videos from the source folder

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mike miller
February 19, 2017

I have been using the software for almost 2 years and am delighted with it. I would not go back to the old way of storing, organizing and playing back my

What’s New in the?

Organize your photos in no time, with Ambler Photo Organizer.
Sorting your photos to get the most from them is simple with this no-nonsense easy-to-use photo organizer.
Sort by creation date, size, categories or other criteria to find the perfect photo to share, print or view online.
Find and create photo albums or slideshows with the help of predefined templates or the sorting options, and view all images at once.
Manage and optimize your pictures with the help of the automatic EXIF metadata retriever.
Manage your photo collections by adding as many folders as you want in one click.
Use the inbuilt slide shows and visualizations to make the best possible presentations of your work.
Ambler Photo Organizer Reviews:
Quick and efficient sorting
EXIF metadata retriever
Manage and optimize your pictures
General Negatives
No photo sorting by content or title
Has no specific settings, but can be improved
Outlook information
Sorting by content
Ambler Photo Organizer Screenshots:

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You are about to be taken to, the website for purchasing Ambler Photo Organizer.
The download will begin shortly.
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System Requirements For Ambler Photo Organizer:

Running Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10
A mouse is required for game play
A USB-A to micro-USB cable
A 5v power supply with the current rating of at least 5A
Available Space: 4 GB (5 GB for Mac OS)
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