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This tutorial is for people new to Photoshop.

Other tutorials are at the end of this tutorial.

Before beginning, check that you have:

Photoshop CS2 or newer

Photoshop Elements 6 or newer

The Software Download File or a valid copy of Photoshop CC or Elements 12 or newer

Adobe Photoshop’s interface.

1. Map out your actions

Your first step is to plan and organize your workflow by creating a grid and folder structure to keep all your project files organized.

The Grid and Folder Structure

First, create two folders on your hard drive for your projects, called Grid and Project.

In Grid, create a folder for every section of your design — Head, Chest, Arms, Legs, Other, etc. These folders should be named by the tab name on the tabbed panel. Your project folder should contain one subfolder for each image you are working on.

Create the two folders, then put all of the images for a particular section into the appropriate folder. You’ll have one folder per section. You’ll need one of these folders per image — a Header Folder, a Chest Folder, a Leg Folder, an Arm Folder, and a Head Folder.

You’ll keep copies of each image in all these folders.

2. Draw out your design on a piece of paper

Sometimes laying things out in pencil or paper helps your visualization and organization.

Draw the conceptual foundations of your design on a large sheet of paper.

Here are some things to consider:

The size, shape and style of the product

The logo and tag line

The background you’re going to use

Here’s an example of a premade template that gets the job done quickly.

3. Start with an image

Create a new Photoshop document and save it as a Photoshop PSD file.

This is for the most part an introduction to photoshop. I’ll cover the basic tools in more detail in the next tutorial.

4. Create the first layer

Set up the first layer in the document, which will be used to outline everything on the page.

Click on the Layers Panel icon in the lower left side of Photoshop’s workspace.

The Layers Panel is represented by three strips of various color. The top red strip is the Layer panel. If the other two layers are showing, you’ll see the left yellow strip (the

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You will need to refer to the following Photoshop tutorials for creating images.

In this article, we will discuss the basics of Photoshop Elements software and give you a quick 10-minute crash course of Elements 12 essentials before you dive into other Photoshop tutorials.

Download Adobe Photoshop Elements here

Photoshop Basics

1. An Introduction to Elements

Photoshop Elements is an image editing program that can be used for editing your images as well as creating new images. It uses simplified commands and a user-friendly interface.

2. Understand the Toolbars

You will find a few toolbars on your program. These allow you to manipulate your images. They are as follows:

The top one is called the toolbar and it is made up of several features. The Graphics Toolbar has a few tools to help you create new images, such as:

To add layers, there is a Layer Bar tool that lets you drag and drop layers.

To make the background appear, there is a Color Balance tool

To blur and soften images, there is an eraser and the healing brush

The Print Bar lets you use the features of the Print feature to create a beautiful print of your image.

The Effects bar is where you can adjust the images appearance with filters, blurs, effects, etc.

The Content-Aware Fill Bar tool can replace the missing areas of an image with items from the image.

To get a quick idea of Elements, I recommend creating a simple black and white image. Then, use the effects bar and Content-Aware tools to change the colors of the image.

3. Basic Photoshop Commands

Toolbar 1: The Toolbar

Move Tool (p): Moves the active tool.

Move (p): Moves the active tool.

Create a new layer (right click on the image and select Create New Layer) – if you have a small image, keep one layer. If you have a large image, it is better to create many layers.

Convert (c): Convert the image to a different format.

To add and delete a layer, use the three buttons on the Layers Bar as follows:



Move Down


Load From Disk

Color Picker

Spot Healing Brush Tool


To create new layers, make a copy by pressing

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